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At átaahua, we believe in delivering the best, freshest locally sourced produce to you, presented to reflect our passion for food. Most importantly to tantilise you and your guest’s taste buds & make your mouths water. Imagine a tantalising array of artisan charcuterie, cheeses, seasonal fruits, fresh sourdough & handcrafted biscuits.
Whether you are having a catch up with a couple of friends or wanting to host an unforgettable function, we can provide you with an experience that your guests will be talking about for a long time with a beautiful & delicious plate, platter, board or table overflowing with an abundance of locally sourced, seasonal fresh produce – scene stealing food, created to impress.
We offer breakfast food, anytime food or dessert food in all of our feasting platter range, fashioned to suit your personal style or themed to your need with vegetarian or gluten free options available.
Let us look after you – we can provide a variety of standard or premium range plates, platters or feasting tables to suit. There are two styles of delivery for your function; firstly, the platter(s) can be prepared off-site and delivered. Alternatively, the platter can be prepared at the venue, with décor provided; this requires a minimum of two hours prior to the event – costs vary.
Grazing platters:
Included on our all of our feasting platters, fresh from the suppliers, is a mouth-watering selection of:
* antipasti styled food – artisan salami’s, prosciutto or hams,
* cheese – a selection of cow, goat or buffalo milk – soft, semi-hard, hard and a sensational blue
* nuts – almonds, cashews, macadamia’s
* dips – hummus, beetroot, pesto
* olives – black and green
* authentic balsamic vinegar
* rillettes/pate – chicken, duck, pork
* fresh, seasonal fruit
* dried fruit
* biscuits, crackers
* bread – sourdough or grain
As we always source the freshest seasonal produce, the contents will be dependent upon availability.
If there are any dietary requirements, allergies or preferences, please advise well in advance to ensure we are able to cater to your requirements.
Board room catering:
Looking for a more relaxed style of dining over the board room table?
A Feasting plate or platter encourages a sense of harmony & engages everyone in the moment. Beautifully presented and locally sourced fresh produce for all to enjoy. Enjoy either a premium antipasto selection or an array of colourful, seasonal fruits and nuts.
Delivered to your venue:
We Specialise in functions, parties and intimate events
Engagement party, baby shower or corporate functions; just to name a few. We can elevate your gathering or event to the next level by serving a mouth-watering and a colourful array of seasonal, fresh, local produce. A feasting table is the perfect style for relaxed eating and bonding over food, freeing you the time to talk and eat with your guests – not in the kitchen.
Breakfast/brunch platters:
Early meeting or weekend away? Why not take your breakfast to the next level?
A nourishing platter of colourful, seasonal fresh fruit is the ultimate way to start the day (or end the day?). Served alongside a selection of mini pastries or fresh sourdough, butter & preserves, this feast takes brekkie up a notch!
Dessert & or fruit platters:
A true indulgence! A selection of hand-made, single serve cakes and/or pastries, chocolates, either stand alone or combined with a selection of fresh, seasonal fruit.
Styling, Props & Flowers:
Time poor and wanting to impress? Wanting your linen, table accessories, flowers and presentation to compliment the effort you have gone to, yet your dinnerware and accessories are looking a bit tired?
In conjunction with our beautiful feasting platters, we can offer a bespoke styling service to lift the ambience and appearance of your gathering.

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