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Split your firewood the FAST and EASY way with Quality Log Splitters Tas

At Quality Log Splitters Tas, who only settle for the highest standards in wood chopping equipment, the name says it all.
Steering well clear of the cheap Chinese imports flooding world markets,
Quality Log Splitters Tas settle for nothing less than the Split-Fire range, from the Canadian wood chopping masters and manufactured to the highest of standards for over 30 years. In the words of the Split-Fire company, these log splitters are the ‘safest and most productive wood splitter on the market today.’

See http://www.split-fire.com/pdfs/SafestSplitterOnMarket.pdf

As the sole Australian agents for Split-Fire based in Hobart, log splitters have been supplied to customers from Queensland to South Australia, and many places in between.

With five different tractor models and five portable models on offer,
QLST’s diverse and versatile range has every possible need and land use covered.

With the Split-Fire’s unique dual action, splitting on the forward and reverse strokes, effectively doubling splitter efficiency, waiting for that return stroke is a thing of the past.
Triangular shaped end stops are another unique feature, allowing logs to hinge around the stop during splitting, using less force, and because the log is being held at the centre it will not slip out under pressure, even if the cut is not square.

Tractor models attach easily to three-point linkages, and standard quick connect hose fittings allow for rapid connection tractor hydraulics – requiring as little as 15 litres per minute oil flow to operate. There are models to suit a garden tractor up to the largest farm tractor.

The knife block runs in low friction sliders, reducing wear and friction to the moving parts.

The portable models use either Honda, Subaru, or Kohler motors, and have matched two-stage hydraulic pumps with inline filters.

Large, solid tables are fitted to both sides of the splitters, giving room for pieces to be stacked ready to be split again.

All splitters, whether tractor or portable, are backed with a 12 month warranty, and have the option of being fitted with a hydraulic log lifter, enabling up to 250kg of logs to be lifted to the level of the splitter bed, so there is no manual lifting or grubbing around bent over at ground level as one needs to with a vertical/horizontal splitter. This allows the operator to stand upright in a fatigue free position and eliminates back and arm strain.The log lifter can also be used as a handy feed-in table, with smaller logs stacked on in advance, allowing the splitter to run continuously.

The portables can be towed at highway speeds.

One Split-fire renter group recently split 50 tons of firewood in a weekend with our portable model 4490, putting in just over 16 machine hours.

Contact Philip on 0409 286 851, or qcctas@yahoo.com.au.

More information at www.taskpower.com.au

See us at Agfest, Tas, 4,5,6 May 2017, Sheepvention, Hamilton, Vic, 7,8, Aug 2017, Elmore Machinery Field Days, Vic, site 734 on the corner of 7th Ave and Corop Drive. October 3,4,5, 2017.


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