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Therapy as a partnership with Rosey Meads

Healing intergenerational trauma & connecting with our ancestral wisdom
Offering therapy as a partnership & facilitating the power to self-heal
Sharing how to live in infinite potential

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I offer a range of therapy modalities to support clients who want to uncover a better, happier more balanced and healthier version of themselves. I support, guide and enable clients to leave addiction, depression, destructive habits, and the stories they have taken on as beliefs,  behind them, and then to continue to support them as they create a different way of living and step into their true potential.

I run a  practice that offers the integration of ancient knowledge, Holistic and energy therapies and the latest training and knowledge in Neural Science and the Human Biological Sciences. Western Medicine (on it’s own) does not normally enable healing from within the client, and very often results in dependence on medication or even an addiction or dependence on the medical practitioner themselves.

The work I do with clients results in true change from within, lead by the client and supported and gently guided by me – it’s a partnership in therapeutic change.

This ACTIVE TRANSFORMATIONAL COUNSELLING – requires genuine commitment from my clients to go deep, release fear and patterns that do not serve them and emerge clear, unburdened and able to live a life of their creation, rather than their reaction!

Experience Family Constellations

Who do you honour in your family lineage?
Why do unhealthy patterns repeat in families?
Why is Anxiety so prevalent in our society?
How do we release Ancestral Trauma & Embrace Ancestral Wisdom?


When you are born, you are born as part of an existing family system – two in fact ! Your mothers’ and your fathers’.

Systemic and Family Constellations therapy provides a reference point beyond your current life and looks deeply into your ancestral family ( both parental lineages ), where you might be carrying ancestral trauma, shame, hidden actions, war, etc.

It is a deeply respectful process that enables you to acknowledge actions, illness, cultural impacts in your family lineage that may be impacting you and your behaviour and emotional state today.


Workshops are the 4th Wednesday night of each month, at:

The Natural Health and Wellness Clinic –  12 Eramosa Road East, Somerville VIC 3912

Ph 03 5977 7342   Investment $30   630pm – 830pm / Herbal teas, and snacks provided.

10% Discount to Family Constellations 1:1 or Full Workshops available after attending the introduction workshops


You can work with Rosey on line using ZOOM – this is a very private and convenient way to work as you can be in your office or the comfort of your own home.

Sessions last between 1 ½ – 2 hours.

Also, you can work 1:1 in person with Rosey, this is profound deep work and can release burdens that are not yours leaving your feeling very light, free and able to focus on you and how you

Wish to live your live moving forward, it is very empowering.

After all, when we do the work, our ancestors celebrate because then their lives and struggles have not been in vain!

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