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One Serious App For 4×4 lovers!

Take Your 4×4 Seriously? You’ll Love The Rugged Connect App…
The Rugged System is designed to take your off-road experience to the next level, all in the palm of your hand!
Rugged Connect is not only a system that can be controlled from a control module in the vehicle but you can control all your accessories from the palm of your hand with our Apple or Android mobile app.
Perfect Pressure Tyre Inflation / Deflation
Adjust your tyre pressures to the exact pressure on and off-road. One of the most important things when going off-road is selecting the right pressures in your tyres for the condition. Pressure perfect is a system that allows you to inflate or deflate your tyre pressure from your fingertips. Our Pressure Perfect will work with any compressor with or without a reserve tank via our Bluetooth. Set your pressures and let the Pressure Perfect system do all the work.
Aftermarket Diff-lock Control
The perfect locker program has been designed that once one of the lockers has been selected the solenoid will open and the compressor will start and run to the maximum pressure that has been pre-set, pressures that have been set up on your system.
Airbag Control
The new Perfect Airbags system allows you to adjust your airbags on the run. Not only your vehicle but your camper trailer can also be adjusted while you are moving. No-longer are you required to stop and adjust your heights because of bottoming out.
Perfect Air (Continuous Air)
Inbuilt pressure cut-off switch. Set your maximum pressure where you would like your compressor to switch off. Once the pressure reaches 20% lower than your set pressure the compressor will start up again. This is perfect for blowing out your air-filters and also running air tools.
Perfect switching has been designed and developed to work with any 12 volt system, it will switch up to 4 relays per module allowing you to install anywhere on the vehicle. One of the leading features of our 12 volt satellite power distribution system is the ability to configure inputs to control outputs around a vehicle. For instance, if you have two relay modules one being on the roof rack switching the light bar on and off with the high beam. Instead of running a wire for the high and low beams to the roof you can assign one of the inputs on a module in the cabin to control the bar on the roof reducing the need to run of wires all around the vehicle.
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