Abacus Learning Centre

215 High Street, Hastings, Victoria, Australia


(03) 5979 8891

Abacus Learning Centre located in Hastings on the Mornington Peninsula, provides excellence in early intervention programs and school services specifically designed to enable children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to reach their fullest potential.

Abacus programs are based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), this is an intensive education program developed by Dr O. Ivar Lovaas, Ph.D which has been scientifically proven to be effective and is the preferred method of treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and increasingly in Australia.

A testimonial from just one of the many schools & kinders Abacus works with:

“Our kindergarten enjoys a fabulous & professional partnership with Abacus Learning Centre on the Mornington Peninsula. At the commencement of the year, each child from Abacus is supported by an Abacus therapist through their transition into our kindergarten environment & program. The therapist provides us with guidance and information relating to the student. The partnership & collaboration between Abacus & the kindergarten enhances each child’s kindergarten year. This easier & more positive start is no doubt an excellent advantage for the student and the kindergarten. A smooth transition is positive for all. Thanks Abacus; your support is invaluable.” From the Kinder Director.

Abacus Learning Centre is a Not For Profit organisation, and the people that make up the team of Abacus are truly passionate and invested in what they do best: help children with ASD reach their full potential!

For more information about Abacus Learning Centre and how they may be able to help you, please check out their website: www.abacuslearning.org.au

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