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Specialising in Woman’s Portraiture


We Create. We Inspire. We Empower.

Its easy not to exist in a photo because as woman we are the most critical of ourselves.

We look in the mirror and there is something we don’t like.

So why would we want that to be a reminder when looking at a picture of ourself.

It could be I want to lose weight, or I don’t like my double chin or I wish I had bigger boobs.

We use those excuses not to be photographed, and what we are actually doing is depriving our kids and grandkids, family and friends mementos of us.
They don’t see any flaws, they just love us for who we are right now. So I want to encourage all woman to stand in front of my camera and start loving themselves

Life is too short…

We don’t just aim to take a pretty picture of you… We aim to capture a piece of your soul.

The experience:  Your session is all about you!

From when we first speak to discuss the possibility of a shoot right to the end to where you pick your images.
We will chat over the phone or in person to talk about the shoot and things to bring and this gives you a chance to get to know me and for me to get to know
you and what you are wanting out of your day.
When you arrive, you will sit down and relax and let my fully qualified hair and make up artist pamper you and treat you to the start of your make over.
We will then choose one of a few outfits you will bring on the day and start capturing some beautiful images.
It will be scary at first and you may be nervous, but over the day those fears will be put to rest and you will be rocking your shoot as if you have always been in
front of a camera!

I want your leave your session feeling empowered and with a regained sense of worth… Because you are worth it!
With in a couple of weeks you will come back to my studio so you can see your images printed and mounted.

Portrait Packages Including Hair & Make-up Are Available Now & Make The Perfect Present For Your Girlfriend, Wife, Mum, Sister, Partner Or BFF!


Shelly McQuinn Photography
We Create. We Inspire. We Empower.

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