ZERO95 Pizza Bar

904 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster East, Victoria, Australia


(03) 9840 6975

Open 7 Days: 10:30am till Late


ZERO95 is a Pizza Bar in Melbourne (or commonly referred to as Italian Restaurant) where one stops to enjoy and reminisce about famous traditional cuisine, where a disc of dough conveys the tastes of the people of Southern Italy and the passion of four boys for good food. ZERO95 works in accordance with ancient gestures for a pizza of the past, where tradition meets the knowledge of two modern craftsmen.

095 is the area code for small town with a rich cultural & culinary history on the east coast of Sicily called Catania.

Zero95 Pizza Bar is a lively meeting place where family & friends come together to share their love of Italian food.

We believe that we have one of the most unique & authentic pizza experiences in Australia!… and, we don’t just have pizza. We also have some amazing Italian dishes for you to try.


Neapolitan pizza has no inventors, no fathers, no masters, but it is the fruit of the genius of the Neapolitan people. San Marzano tomato: from the area of the Agro Sarnese Nocerino, a unique geographical area, this premium type of tomato is grown & harvested; bright red and the shape more elongated.

To know a great tomato from an average one, peel and rinse under water. If it remains bright red this means that it is a fresh tomato and of premium quality!

Tradition has it that the pizza is baked in a wood oven at a temperature between 450 and 485 degrees, with a fast cooking period of between 60 and 90 seconds for the pizza to be soft and light, and keep intact the flavors of the ingredients (by not over-cooking them).

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