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Signs have been around for as long as businesses have existed. Business Signage is a specialised art form that needs to be understood and respected. Our designer at Business Signage Melb. has more than a quarter of a century of experience in typography, typesetting, design and marketing.

Business Signage Melbourne is part of the all encompassing Professional & Trade Services Pty Ltd umbrella. The extension into signage is a natural progression to satisfy our clients’ wish of handling as much of their requirements as possible without the need for them to have to seek, contact and co-ordinate various businesses for their business needs.

We provide you with the following services:


The most popular business sign requests are for outdoor signs and like with everything else, shopping by price is on the agenda. Cheap signs do not last long and signs that require quality materials are not cheap initially but does save you by lasting longer.


When your sign is on the move, squeezed in a carpark, being followed by a vehicle, in the rear vision mirror of a vehicle that you’re following or is visible from a multi-storey building, more than ever, form and function are paramount. If we are not involved in the design consultation process, we simply follow the instructions given to us. However, when you involve us as part of the consultation, design and finalisation process, we will design your vehicle signage in a manner where your logo, core business info and contact details are optimised for viewing and becomes a vital marketing tool that can generate leads for your business.


Indoor business signs need a lot of factors taken in consideration. Lighting set-up in the rooms that the signs are going in because light that reflects too much off your business sign means that you need a less glossy finish. If the interior signs showcase products that will be superseded within a year to 24 months period, and will be the stick-on types, there is no need to fork out a high price on the longer-lasting vinyls.


Illuminated and 3D signs are best utilised for longer-term lifespan signs.


Signs going on a glass surface can be One-Way-Vision signs. These signs give you privacy from the outside but still gives you vision from within.


Car wrapping is extremely popular these days. Car Wrapping provides a much better alternative than going to the panel beaters’ to get a partial or complete colour change in order to achieve the various looks that you want. Matte, glass, metallic, carbon-fibre and for those with an appropriate budget, a print of the graphics, textural effect and/or design of your choice.

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